OrchardBees.com is dedicated to increasing the awareness of native pollinators, and to the promotion of habitat to support them.  Perhaps the best known of these bees are the orchard mason bee and the bumble bee.  Whether you own a large orchard or a small backyard, Orchardbees.com can help you cultivate these bees. 

Orchardbees.com is a part of Ruhl Bee Supply.  We have been operating in the Portland, Oregon area since 1898. We are a major supplier of honeybees and beekeeping equipment. Through our online store, we also supply mason bees, mason bee houses, tubes, liners and educational material on mason bees.

Our highly experienced staff works hard to stay well informed on native pollinators such as the mason bee as well as honey bees. We review all the texts we provide, and we subscribe to the major and regional bee journals. We also provide classes on the basics of mason bees.
European Honey Bee.
Although a crucial and highly productive pollinator, the honeybee is not a native to the the Americas. It was introduced by European settlers.
Orchard Mason Bee.
A wonderful bee, particularly valuabe for early pollination in fruit orchards.  Native to the Americas.
Bumble Bee.
Another prolific pollinator, this well loved native bee has many subspecies